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The Best Places to Install Marble Flooring in Your Hanover Home

Hanover Marble FlooringNot many flooring materials can compare to the beauty and elegance of marble flooring. If you’re thinking about using marble as flooring in your Hanover home, take a moment to learn about the benefits of marble flooring and the rooms best suited for marble floors before hiring a trusted flooring contractor like BR Flooring to perform marble floor services.

Why Do Hanover Homeowners Choose Marble Flooring?

If you’re wondering why all of your family, friends, and neighbors are installing marble floors in their homes, consider the following positive characteristics of marble flooring installed by an experienced flooring contractor:

    • Low Maintenance – Marble surfaces require simple maintenance, and cleaning usually includes a gentle solution of soap and water. Reach out to BR Flooring, a flooring contractor that offers marble floor services, to schedule further maintenance so that the marble flooring in your Hanover home remains in good condition.
    • Durability – Because marble is a high density stone, it’s suitable as flooring in high traffic areas because it ages well.
    • Clean Surface – Because marble floors are easy to maintain, they offer a pristine appearance. Additionally, marble has hypoallergenic properties, and it doesn’t attract pet hair, bacteria, or pollen.

Where Should You Install Your Marble Flooring?

  • Foyer – If you want your guests to have a good first impression of your home, consider installing marble flooring in the foyer at the front of your home. Even if your only visitors are house callers, they’ll be thoroughly pleased by your home’s interior.
  • Hallway – You may hesitate before deciding to place marble flooring in your hallway, but this idea is actually a good one because marble wears well in areas with a lot of foot traffic. Marble flooring also adds interest to hallways that they might not have otherwise because these transitional rooms are often overlooked.
  • Bathroom – Marble floors that have been sealed properly are often used in bathrooms because of their chic and luxurious appearance. As long your bathroom’s marble flooring is maintained sufficiently, the floors should last for many years.
  • Laundry Room – Upgrade your laundry room and transform it into a serene place where you can relax while completing everyday tasks. Hiring a flooring contractor to install marble floors in your laundry room might seem unusual, but when you think about how much time you spend over in this room, you’ll understand why so many homeowners are working on piles of laundry on luxurious marble floors. Additionally, laundry rooms are typically small, resulting in low materials and installation costs.
  • Kitchen – One of the most popular rooms for marble flooring is the kitchen because of its clean, smooth appearance. Marble floors pair with modern appliances and sleek décor perfectly, a combination which encourages households to spend time in their kitchens.

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