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The Best Wood Flooring types for Installation in Baltimore Homes

The best wood flooring types for installation in baltimore homes

Maybe it's time that you seek out a new type of flooring for the home. If you're tired of trying to take up spills off the carpeting and having to vacuum it weekly, then you can opt to have hardwoods in the home instead. Wood floor installations are easy when you have a professional service do them for you. They take the guess work out of the job.

Finding the right hardwood flooring may seem like such a daunting task as there's lots of running around to find a store that offers them, a waste of time and a whole lot of money of not careful. Choosing the right type all depends on several factors:

  • Color scheme
  • Your particular taste
  • Interior decor

Hardwood flooring is made up of 100% wood which makes them very durable and long-lasting. The cross-ply construction allows for durability in the installation. They can even be applied over concrete surfaces too.

There are various species of hardwoods to pick from. One of the most sought after and durable type is oak. Oak hardwood flooring in Baltimore can stand up to heavy traffic and lots of wear and tear. The varieties of oak come in a wide arrange of colors.

Type of finish and edge details are important when picking out new hardwood flooring. Urethane is typically used when finishing a hardwood. It's a strong finish that allows the floor to stand the test of time through heavy traffic and usage.

The edge detail refers to the way a cut is made at the corners and ends of a hardwood board. The cuts can be eased, micro-beveled, or squared. Each type of hardwood has its own individual appearance which is great for both functionality and looks.

Hardwood flooring is very sustainable. Hardwoods are able to be maintained through the right maintenance and care. By simply cleaning them on a weekly basis; you're causing them to become longer-lasting.

Caring for the hardwoods is tricky due to all of the cleaning agents on the market today. Many cleaning agents guarantee that flooring will be brighter and longer-lasting but in actuality, many do more harm than good.

Installation should be done professionally. Professional installation allows for absolute zero errors which means you get perfect hardwood flooring. The only thing you have to do is work hard to keep up with the scuffs and dirt on them.

When you need professional wood floor installations, try the crew at BR Flooring. They are the best in the area and always supervise the jobs they are on. You'll feel safe with them as they are licensed and insured.

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