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Baltimore Wood Floor Maintenance Program

Wood floor maintenance

Your hardwoods always need to remain protected because even the smallest amount of dust will scratch your flooring. There are a lot of ways to do so. One way is to contact BR Flooring. With today's advancements in hardwood floor; it's no wonder that a company like BR Flooring can provide their customers with floor maintenance.

Regular maintenance requires more than just a mop or the sweeping of the floors. Call today and schedule an estimate and see what professional maintenance is all about.

Sanding and Finishing

Nothing beats the warmth and coziness of wood or ceramic flooring. Hardwoods look their best after they have been sanded. Age and time deteriorates the flooring causing it to look cheap and not attractive at all. Sanding brings out the dullness of the wood and tiles too.


Maybe the stain is coming up off of the floors. Depending on what area of the home the flooring is located; foot traffic can wear down stains leaving it unattractive and boring. It needs to be re-stained in Baltimore to restore the looks. The benefits of re-staining are:

  • Restores finish
  • Elegant flooring
  • Adds value to the home

Added Value

When it comes to your home; don't you wish that it was worth more than you paid so that you could sell it for more on the real estate market? Well now you can. Through maintenance it has been proven to add more value to homes across the area.

Longer-Lasting Flooring

If you have a lot of foot traffic trumpeting through the home all day then you see how it directly impacts your flooring. A worn out surface can be enough to make you want to replace it, but with maintenance such as washing, polishing, sanding and finishing the floor you can have a longer-lasting floor.

Wax and Polishes

Of course you can do maintenance on your own. Adding a wax to the flooring every year can restore the looks and make it shine even better than it was new. You can also add certain polishes to it that will secure it from needing replaced. Read every label carefully though!


After you have considered having your floors maintenance; it's important to take care of your investment. Protecting it will make it last. Refinishing the floors will add on another ten years if it's done consistently.

From refinishing to sanding, we have floor maintenance that can attend to all of your flooring needs. We stay up to date on the latest floor maintenance techniques so that your flooring remains safe and protected from scratching, denting and scuffs.

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