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Professional Wood Floor Installations

Wood Floor InstallationSeeking professional help for a wood floor installation certainly helps for a better outcome. Hardwood flooring can be a great alternative to carpeting. It’s durable and comes in a variety of styles and colors. But, professional assistance is required for it. BR Flooring can provide you with a professional installation that will make your new floors valuable. We’ve earned our reputation through the willingness to work closely with one another and each customer in order to capture the look and feel of their dream floors.


Professional Installation

We are able to install any domestic or exotic hardwood type. This even includes site-finished, pre-finished, and engineered hardwood flooring too. Nailed-down, glued-down or floating laminate flooring is included as well in our installations.


Skilled Craftsmen

Our hardwood installation team is extremely talented and also well-qualified to do any type of installation project. Custom home builders and interior designers know us well when it comes to complicated patterns, ornamental borders, and attention to detail that we make on every job we do.


Exceeding Homeowner Expectations

As much as we’d like to work with custom hardwood installation projects in Baltimore, a majority of our installation projects are homeowners. We exceed many of their expectations through quality work. Removing the old worn out carpeting and bending in the new hardwoods is what we do on a daily basis.


Brand Name Installations

Quality hardwood flooring doesn’t just stop with the installation, it goes beyond that as its important o select the very best flooring supplier. Getting a good flooring supplier will ensure the quality of the wood. We work closely with a variety of manufacturers and distributors:

  • Armstrong
  • Appalachian
  • Bruce
  • HAWA


Hardwoods vs. Carpeting

Many homeowners often end up making the switch from carpeting to hardwood flooring. That’s because there are so many positive sides to owning hardwoods. There’s less maintenance and more beauty in all wood floors.


Reasons for Professional Installations

One of the biggest benefits to owning a home is that you get to customize it any way you’d like. There are a variety of various additions that you can add to the home as a majority adds hardwood flooring professionals because they can:

  • Add to the value of the home
  • Get the job done right
  • Protect your investment

When you need professional wood floor installations, you can call BR Flooring. We will make sure that you get the brand, color and style that you want at a price you can afford. Trust your gut and go with our installation service today and save big!


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