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Wood Floor RepairMany wood floor repairs can be handled very easily though professional help. Some of the most common problems with this type of flooring are gaps, warping and buckling. At BR Flooring, we will work through your problems in order to solve them efficiently and always on time. We offer over 25 years of combined experience in all of our repair jobs. We supervise every project we’re on as our employees are the crew who are professionally trained and background checked for your safety.


Split & Cracked Wood

Hardwood floors will crack and split over the years leaving behind a deteriorated floor that looks defeated. The cracks can be spot repaired using some angled nails that will secure the two pieces together. Wood putty is used to cover up the blemishes left behind from the work.


Gaps in the Planks

A very common floor malady is gaps. Gaps in-between the planks is normally caused by Mother Nature herself. Wood has the tendency to shrink as it dries out just as well as it expands when it is wet and humid. Regular expansion over time in your Baltimore home is the most common cause of gaps.



When the boards become warped to your flooring buckling occurs. They end up lifting up the subfloors the flooring is attached to. A professional can get to the root of the buckling problems and get your floors back to being elegant and functional.


Cupped Flooring

Cupped flooring is also known as washboarding. It develops gradually across the width of the wood strip where the edges of the hardwood planks raise up and the center of the board sinks down. The cause of cupped flooring is moisture imbalance.


Warped Flooring

Sagging has been another term that refers to warped floors. It can be a serious problem for any homeowner. It is the direct result of moisture conditions and needs to be addressed immediately. Warped floors are never the result of faulty installation or product.


Repair Problems

Besides the major problems that your hardwoods will go through; you’re going to experience scratching and loosening of the boards which is a minor fix you can probably do on your own; if you possess the right tools for the job. Here are some other minor problems:

  • Scuffs
  • Dents
  • Gauges

If you want a professional wood floor repair tech all you have to do is call BR Flooring. We’ll be right out to your home and deliver superior craftsmanship along with the best customer service. We understand that hardwoods are an investment and we want to help preserve them with you.


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